Travel Diaries – Tromso & Oslo, Norway

Hey everyone! I know that we are in 2018, but since I started blogging again I thought I would share the highlight of my 2017. As you may know, I’m still currently a full time college student so traveling can be a bit hard. It’s either I travel during my breaks or I take really short trips (and maybe skip a day of class). This past fall semester, I got to go to Norway during my Thanksgiving break.

Some people might say, “Hm. Norway? That’s so random”. Trust me, I thought that as well, but then my boyfriend showed me pictures of the beautiful country and well, I fell in love. Although this trip was a week long, it went by extremely fast. I was so bummed! I really wanted it to extend our trip as much as we could but unfortunately I had school and Tinh had to return to work. I was lucky enough to get entire week off for Thanksgiving break.

We first went to Tromsø, a city in Northern Norway that is apart of the arctic circle and one of the best places to visit if you want to see the Northern Lights. We really enjoyed this city, everyone was really nice and friendly. The coffee was also fantastic and the city is absolutely breathtaking.




We spent our last few days in Oslo, the capital of Norway. It was different from Tromso because it obviously has a much bigger population but other than that it reminded me of a less crowded New York City. Since we went during Thanksgiving, their holiday decorations were up and it gave it the joyful holiday vibe. It was also snowing when we were staying here!




We will definitely have to make a trip back to Norway in the future! Our plan is to go during the spring or summer so that we can do a little road trip. We also made a little vlog of our trip which I will leave down below.

What countries are you interested in visiting?


2 thoughts on “Travel Diaries – Tromso & Oslo, Norway

  1. Amazing that you got to see the northern lights! I’ve always wanted to see them but always thought Iceland was the main the place to view the display! Funnily I have heard from many people that northern Norway is a great location to see it 🙂
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I thought the same but my boyfriend mentioned Tromso and showed me pics and I had to visit! Hopefully we’ll be able to go to Iceland one day and see the Northern Lights from there as well. It’s a beautiful sight.

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