Travel Diaries – Seattle, Washington

Hello again! Lately, Tinh and I have been taking short weekend trips since they seem to be the most doable because of my school/work schedule and his work schedule. We’ve been traveling to the Pacific Northwest, and our first stop was back in October when we visited Portland, Oregon. Two weekends ago we made our way over to Seattle, Washington. It was the first time for both of us to visit this beautiful city! We love rainy, gloomy, cold weather so the weather that greeted us when we landed was perfect.

The Pike Market Place was so awesome! I was stuffed with all the free samples of fruits and the greek yogurt was phenomenal. We also made our way over to Snoqualmie falls, which sadly was a short visit due to most of the trail being closed off due to icy conditions. To end our day, we went to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, which ended up being the wrong glass museum we wanted to go to. Nonetheless, it was still a really cool experience! Especially going into the hotshop and seeing them create a glass sculpture.





On our last day we made our way over to the Space Needle (Duh! Is it really a visit to Seattle if you didn’t visit one of the most popular tourist spots?) and the Chihuly Glass & Garden (the correct glass museum we wanted to go to). Most of the Space Needle was under construction, so our visit was short but holy heck was it windy when we went out to the deck to take some pictures! I could barely keep my eyes open. The Chihuly Glass & Garden was AMAZING! It was so cool walking through the entire exhibit and seeing his artwork. What I really loved about this experience was going outside to the garden and seeing all the glass sculptures. I highly recommend stopping by there to visit, it’s already great for picture opportunities! Before we left to the airport, we drove a bit around Seattle to explore a bit and we were amazed by how many people were out walking their dogs. We loved it!


Have you been to Washington before? Next time I definitely want to stay longer and go on more hikes and take more nature pictures. What are some of your favorite spots?


5 thoughts on “Travel Diaries – Seattle, Washington

  1. jasonlikestotravel

    I’ve visited before but didn’t get much time in Seattle, heading back in a couple of weeks so I’m definitely going go try and check out the Chihuly Glass & Garden. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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